Learning WooCommerce Development By Example

Ian Preston
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Are you looking to learn WooCommerce development but finding it hard to piece things together from numerous tutorials and blog posts?

A while ago I started trying to learn WooCommerce programming but I struggled to find somewhere where I could learn what I needed to get started and give me a firm foundation in the basics of WooCommerce development.

"Learning WooCommerce Development By Example" is my attempt to give people an easily accessible route to being a really great WooCommerce developer.

In the book you'll be taken through all the basics of WooCommerce development, this includes being walked through how to use and actions and filters and then shown how to set up an effective development environment.

We'll also show you to he best ways to add code snippets to WooCommerce and walk you through creating your first child theme.

Once you have the basics down pat you can start to bend WooCommerce to your will, to help you with this we provide countless examples of how you can alter WooCommerce, these include

  • Adding a custom field to products
  • Changing product prices based on custom fields
  • Altering the checkout process
  • Adding new items to the "My Account" menu
  • Making changes to the WooCommerce admin area 

Each example is fully documented, we don't just provide an intro and a snippet as we think taking you through the code will allow you to adapt the examples into other great stuff.

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